Zhejiang Hongsheng Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Ruian City Feiyun Town Song Dai Industrial Zone, has a good geographical position and future development, with the production of flexographic printing machine for many years, the rotary cutting machine, cutting machine and other printing machinery experience, strong technical force. At the end of 2011, the logistics label printing machine set up by ourselves developed a domestic precedent, which led the whole logistics label printing machinery industry.
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HSS - 320G three layer logistics sheet printing machine
Add time:2015/1/22
One, 320 types of logistics, single printing unit features:
1. use ceramic anilox roller to pass ink.
2. each printing unit adopts 360 degree weekly alignment.
3. were equipped with three sets of cutting position, the first and second sets of cutting position and cutting roller anvil roller can and can be interchangeable, positive or negative - and is equipped with a set of third sets of cutting waste reel unit, station can be broken zhang.
4., random equipped with a gluing device, discharging magnetic force controller, with water cooling device, at the same time, materials are equipped with hydraulic lifting device
5., the computer correcting device is arranged in front of the printing group, so that the design can keep the roll paper in the right left and right position in the whole production process. (standard)
6., according to customer demand matching cutting off the conveyor table device, by third sets of die cutting station after breaking, so that the product neatly transported out.
7. unwinding and rewinding by magnetic automatic tension control, and the installation of double roll.
8. monitor the system according to the user's requirements and monitor the quality of the map in high speed printing.
9. parking roller can be automatically disengaged, and running at a low speed, in order to avoid ink being dry.
10. the main motor adopts imported frequency conversion stepless speed regulation.
11., from the tube for paper, glue, printing, glazing, automatic infrared drying, laminating, die-cutting, winding up once completed, is the printing of various types of printing business bills, high-grade stickers the most ideal model.
Main technical parameters of two and HSS-320 type three station flexo printing machine:
The printing speed is 10-80 meters / min.
6 color printing color
Maximum width of Web 320mm
Maximum width of printing 310mm
The maximum diameter of unwinding is 600mm
Maximum diameter of take-up 600mm
Printing perimeter 177.8~355.6mm
Registration accuracy + 0.15mm
Host power 5.5KW
Oven power 8KW