Zhejiang Hongsheng Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Ruian City Feiyun Town Song Dai Industrial Zone, has a good geographical position and future development, with the production of flexographic printing machine for many years, the rotary cutting machine, cutting machine and other printing machinery experience, strong technical force. At the end of 2011, the logistics label printing machine set up by ourselves developed a domestic precedent, which led the whole logistics label printing machinery industry.
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HS-320 间歇 全轮转商标模切机
HS-320 intermittent full rotary trademark die-cutting machine
Add time:2012/8/22
The machine consists of six parts: unwinding, rectifying, laminating, accurate die cutting, slitting, finishing and rewinding. According to the products need to use the rotary die-cutting or intermittent cutting, choose the intermittent die cutting and tape, correction system of regional tension consistent (traditional intermittent to block the edges of the paper), will not happen in the process of conveying offset cutting products. Intermittent die-cutting using magnetic roller, no change, die-cutting, different products only need to replace flexible die-cutting. The utility model has the characteristics of high speed, high precision, simple operation, improved work efficiency and lower cost. Especially suitable for large, medium, small batch and high quality requirements of label die cutting. Large quantities of products, just in the touch screen to select the full rotation, replaced with the corresponding die roller, you can achieve full rotation die-cutting. Greatly improve the quality of label die-cutting and production efficiency, for enterprises to create greater profit margins, the printing machine is essential for the ideal die-cutting equipment.