Zhejiang Hongsheng Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Ruian City Feiyun Town Song Dai Industrial Zone, has a good geographical position and future development, with the production of flexographic printing machine for many years, the rotary cutting machine, cutting machine and other printing machinery experience, strong technical force. At the end of 2011, the logistics label printing machine set up by ourselves developed a domestic precedent, which led the whole logistics label printing machinery industry.
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Intermittent flexo press
Add time:2018/8/8

1.  The whole machine adopt the newest Yasukawa servo system

2.  One set of unwinder controlled by magnetic brake and buffer device

3.  One set of ultrasonic web guiding

4.  One Plate mounting device

5.  Each Printing station with 1pc of print cylinder(130T)

6.  Each printing station with 1pc ceramic anilox roller

7.  With 1 set of rotaty die cutting station and 1pc magnetic cylinder(130T)

8.  With registration sensor (Datalogic, italy or Sick, Germany)

9.  1set of  Video monitor (Sichango, China)

10.One set of rewinder controlled by magnetic cluth

11.One set of matrix rewinder with Independent motor and magnetic cluth