Ruian Hongsheng Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Ruian City Feiyun Town Song Dai Industrial Zone, has a good geographical position and future development, with the production of flexographic printing machine for many years, the rotary cutting machine, cutting machine and other printing machinery experience, strong technical force. At the end of 2011, the logistics label printing machine set up by ourselves developed a domestic precedent, which led the whole logistics label printing machinery industry.
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HSS-320/450 柔性版印刷机
HSS-320/450 flexo press
Add time:2012/8/22
1. Adopt ceramic anilox roller to convey ink.
2. Discharging and receiving are controlled by magnetic particle brake and clutch (or optional Japanese MITSUBISHI automatic)
Force controller).
3, each printing unit adopts 360 degree week to adjust to the plate.
4. Each printing unit has a group of infrared drying device.
5, random equipped with a set of die cutting station, so that the printing die cutting at one time.
6, when the roller can be automatically disengaged from the parking, and running at a low speed, in order to avoid ink being dry.
7 、 the main motor adopts imported frequency conversion stepless speed regulation.
8, from the tube for paper, printing, glazing, automatic infrared drying, laminating, die-cutting, winding up once
Accomplish. It is the most ideal type of printing commercial paper and high-grade sticker.