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Manufacturing outflows? 1 out of every 5 mobile phones in the world come from Dongguan!
Add time:2017/8/23    News
1-6 months, the five pillar industries of Dongguan electronic information manufacturing industry, electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing, textile manufacturing, food and beverage processing and manufacturing, paper and paper products industry to complete the regulation of industrial added value of 107 billion 90 million yuan, an increase of 15.5%, the growth rate of the high level of 3.2 percentage points. The growth of the five pillars and the four major industries are all higher than the same period last year.
Among them, the electronic information industry to complete the industrial added value of 53 billion 560 million yuan regulation, an increase of 22.7% (2.1 percentage points higher than the same period last year), accounting for 34.8% of the city. However, its contribution to the city's industrial growth, but from the same period last year's 106.6% callback to 59.3%. At the same time, the contribution rate of other eight industries to industrial growth increased from 31.3% in the same period last year to -17.8%.
Smartphone shipments increased by nearly 50%
It is noteworthy that, in the electronic information manufacturing industry, the smart phone industry continued high growth momentum, driving role is obvious. The main mobile phone enterprises in our city to provide data show that the first half of Dongguan smart phone shipments 159 million units, an increase of 48.4%.
In the field of smart phones, the world every 5 mobile phones have 1 from Dongguan, driven by a number of upstream and downstream supporting enterprises in Dongguan. Last year, OPPO, vivo two BBK smartphones, shipments among the world's top five ranks. BBK Department of industrial enterprises, and HUAWEI Department of industrial enterprises to work together to achieve Dongguan's main revenue of over one hundred billion yuan enterprise "zero" breakthrough".
While the first half data show that HUAWEI terminal, mobile communication and intelligent Vivonex Oupo mobile phone shipments momentum remains strong, growth of 80%, 35.5% and 51.8% respectively.
At present, BBK companies are planning to build a series of wildly beating gongs and drums in Dongguan new production lines and R & D headquarters, the project total investment reached 3 billion 750 million yuan, the construction of BBK R & D center and vivo headquarters, manufacturing center, manufacturing center vivo genius. The HUAWEI terminal, located in the headquarters of Songshan Lake, also carries more and more functions.