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Sike tsmc! Samsung smashed 5 billion 400 million dollars to build 7Nm factory ahead of schedule
Add time:2017/8/23    News
At present, the smart phone micro processor market has become increasingly mature, this year, 10nm process technology each flagship chip has also been equipped with new machines listed. In the field of wafer foundry, TSMC and Samsung are dominating the market.
Competition between the two is still fierce, TSMC with a better reputation of 10nm technology, has made the apple A11 chip, MediaTek X30, domestic Kirin 970 a large number of orders. Samsung wafer is slightly in the wind, get Qualcomm Xiaolong 835 and its own Exynos8895 orders.
In the field of foundry, the next generation will enter the 7Nm process, the two sides are actively layout, it is imperative to big investment, recently rumored Qualcomm 7Nm process in return named TSMC, let Samsung foundry on tenterhooks. In order to improve competitiveness, grab a single, Samsung has begun to decide in advance to build 7Nm factory, to seize Qualcomm and apple A12 orders.
According to South Korean media reports, Samsung Hua City factory line 18 was scheduled for construction next year, and now Samsung decided to break ground early in November this year. Samsung plans to hit $5 billion 400 million in advance, the establishment of 7Nm factory, using the most advanced equipment as soon as possible, cut into the 7Nm process, the project is expected to be completed in half of 2019, the production of semiconductor products outside the memory.
Sike tsmc! Samsung smashed 5 billion 400 million dollars to build 7Nm factory ahead of schedule
At the same time, Samsung also announced the development path of the foundry, the current main for the second generation of 10 nanometer FinFET, this year ready to further research and development of 8 nanometer, in 2018 into 7 nanometer, in 2020 into 4 nanometer. That Samsung will skip 6 nanometer process R & D, production scheduled for 2019.
Sike tsmc! Samsung smashed 5 billion 400 million dollars to build 7Nm factory ahead of schedule
At present, TSMC 7Nm process has at least 12 mobile device product design finalized, as well as from Samsung grab back Qualcomm orders, at least two years ahead of Samsung in the 7Nm campaign. TSMC, in response to Samsung's full import of extreme ultraviolet light (EUV) as an exposure weapon in 7Nm, also decided to provide EUV solutions in the 7Nm Enhanced Edition and consolidate customers. The process is scheduled for mass production in the second half of 2019, similar to Samsung's schedule.
For Samsung foundry, the future is still under great pressure of TSMC, TSMC at low power consumption, high density, high quality and exquisite manufacturing capacity, is still the place behind Samsung foundry. TSMC's position in the foundry is still hard to shake.
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